My first arduino clone (serious soldering ever)

While reading my electronic shop catalogue and looking at the price tag I often think…

Hey I can do this myself while simultaneously …

…save money,
…burn a lot of idle time,
…and of course, learn stuff I don’t actually need in my daily life.

So I came upon Arduinos and building them by your own.

After searching the internets I finally stumbled upon this schematic design.
Sensational ! A topic just right up my street.

So I went on collection the stuff needed. Just bought some serious composition from the electronic dealer of my confidence. I must admit I am totally new to electronics and stuff. Anyways, got the stuff together, heated up the iron and started on a brainless soldering venture.
After putting together all the parts and wires I realized there is no LED in the schematic so after getting a LITTLE into it, I figured out (I hope at least) where to put that cool clear green led. And of course the led on pin13. After figuring out that I messed up gnd and + and fixing it, here it is.


Stripduino with pin header for programming
Stripduino with pin header for programming


As I said, compared to the schematic from the link. I also put in two leds and one ICSP port. I guess thats the way it is called. The ICSP port is haywired carefully into the board without touching any other cords. This article by barttech over at showed me what to do.

With an STK500 and AVR Studio 4 I burned the bootloader onto the chip and transfered the ic after that back on my homemade arduino. Through the ICSP I wanted to upload sketches to it but it didn’t worked out.

To be continued…

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