My very first 3D printed pink cube…

Finally I got my Kickstarter backed QB-UP TwoUp and after much fiddeling, cursing, crying, face-palming, dremeling, grinding, drilling, glueing and zip-tieing it finally runs.

With the pink ABS sample filament I printed the 20mm-box.stl calibration cube. Nothing what you could call extraordinar or awesome but a mandatory step.


Bed – heated up….

Extruder heated up…

Print started…

Dancing and shouting…

Print finished.


Y-axis = 20.00 mm / 20.00mm -> 😀
X-axis = 17.80mm / 20.00mm -> 🙁
Z-axis = 10.9mm-11.3mm / 10.00 mm 🙁

So the Y-axis is calibrated pretty nice with the default values that where pre-load onto the board. Nice.

But there is some work to be done on the X-axis (printing new X-Gantry either way) and the Z-axis. The Z-axis issues are due to layerheight and stuff alike. I THINK! Or I could imagine.

So let’s get to work.

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