QB-UP TwoUp – Right layer height is important !

So after printing my first pink “cube” I discovered the 0.5mm-thin-wall.stl.

This are basically just 4 walls with a layer thickness depending on your settings. It is named 0.5 mm b/c of the printer it was designed for but this can be used on every other printer.

So I made three prints on my QB-UP TwoUp and discovered the ‘layer trick’. You can see from left to right that there are some ugly gap-thing on the layer. By increasing the layer height by 0.01 mm you get rid of these and there comes in the “right layer height” post by toybuilderlabs. I’ve read this before but did not really understood what he meant.

It means what he said: You don’t choose a 0.3 mm layer height but a 0.3175 mm layer height to get counter the repetend 3333333 (steps/mm vs. lead screw).

In the picture you can clearly see how the layer height affects the print !


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