Layers underextruded [SOLVED]

The extruder freshly calibrated but anyways I am getting underextrusion, or at least it looks to me so, on the following layers after the first layer.

This is a picture of my first layer. Wonderful.

First layer
First layer


The second layer (Shells = 2) is fine with some error but then the 3rd and following layers are totally messed up.

Third layer
Third layer


Why this happens, I don’t know. The bed is leveled, the extruder is calibrated and the filament is fed without force.



Kezat over at said that this could be due to a too low tension on the extruders direct drive. (Is this called direct drive?). The bearing did sometimes stop to turn and so the filament was not driven forward hence gaps or ‘underextrusion’ occured.

I tightened the long screw and there we went.

Problem solved.

Kezat posted a screw tension plate model over at

I ought you to get this printed ASAP !

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