And off ya go! Bye Bye ‘basalt’ heating bed…

This construction gave me the shiver from the moment I unboxed the thing.

I speak of the (heavy) basalt plate residing on the 5mm MDF. If you can even call this MDF. I would rather say this is very fine pressboard. Under the weight of the basalt bed the MDF piece sagged tremendously. Anyways. I constantly had to level the bed to get nice prints. Still printing with PLA only. Like the smell of PLA in the morning. Really. I do. Though there is (until yet) no need for a heated build platform.

With the finding of the TESA precision outdoor tape the sticking issues are mostly gone now so I decided to replace the simple unheated panel. The heated bed is a upgrade that costs additional 80 bucks and of course while I were on it I ordered that upgrade, too. I got my package (mostly) undamaged and so one but they did not send the unheated bed. I guess they have a different understanding of UPGRADE then me.

So, not long fiddeling around I took some of my spare 5mm acrylic glass, cut it to size and installed it onto the printer. This is the result. Looks pretty nice if the blue tape would not obstruct the view on the scratchless, fingerprintless acrylic glass.

I also printed DDeGonge888’s bed leveling nut holders.

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