Custom Width Filament Spool Holder

The MacGyver Filament Spool Holder emerged to be less effective then I thought. Large amounts of filament (>5m roughly) cause too much friction and therefore apply to much force on the extruder resulting in distorted layers.

I then went ahead and shoved that whole “Ill print it” mentality aside and got back to good ol’ drill and saw. Some things don’t need to be 3d printed. Dustbins for example. M8 nut and bold for example (except for educational test runs!). 3D printer were invented to print parts for 3D printers (and Death Star Christmas Tree Ornaments or Death Star Birdhouse) until that very last iteration is achieved that replicates itself without any human interaction. Which in turn codes its own AI which then in turn builds a replicator army to take over the world and conquer distant stars and solarsystem. In the end this ever growing organism wonders why it is assilmilation the whole universe and mutliverses until it then concludes that it should fill every single unoccupied nM³ with matter (yes, even Black Holes). But I am drifting off.

I build myself a customizable filament spool holder. Very simply. Quick and dirty. Followed by the obligatory BAM!.

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