VCR Head Drum Filament Spooler

After printing some TwoUp upgrades with my wodden filament spool roller the layers still shifted to the right on the x-axis. There was still too much force on the extruder and the four 608ZZ bearings did not spin smoothly enough.

Fortunately… 🙂 I don’t throw away old electronic devices and therefore scavanged my Magic Electronic Trash Chest™ and found an old VCR head drum. It turned out that this ball bearing mounted drum spin nearly endlessly.

With Sketchup I designed some adapters and I really have to say that Sketchup with its automatic smart alignment really fucks me up. Hate that thing but after several restarts I finally managed to get the thing exported and printed.

While the top part was printed really messy the bottom part printed really well. To give you the slic3r settings I used to print the bottom part (as fas as I can remember):

Layer height: 1st 0.25 ; Following 0.2
Speed: All 20mm
Infill: 0.6

The VCR head drum is so sensitive it even spins slighty forward and backward as the extruder head is moving from left to right. Very nice. Check out the video below.

I’ve set up two parametric OpenSCAD files. You just need to adjust the numbers to fit your VCR drum.

VCRspoolerDownload: VCD drum spool roller

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  1. So I ran across this VCR drum mod you did and was wondering if you had the .stl and or CAD files for it? I am interested in making something similar for mine. Thanks!


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