Learning to 3d print by printing a new 3D printer #2

Just finished the platform for the modified Rostock mini.

The modded version has the hex nut notches switched on the sides so I reprinted it again. Though I think it would be possible to have used the vanilla part. Anyways. Printed this thing again with my speed settings and a 0.30 layer height again. Came out quite good.

Accidentaly the Traxxas rod ends arrived today (just in time) to be attached to the platform. Now this thing really looks like some useful part.

I still have to reprint the carriages as they were modded as well. Finished one though and served it it’s eagerly awaited rod ends. There you go.

Fibre rods still to come.
LM8UU still to come.
8mm precision steel rods just ordered.
Lasercut frame – budget depleted. Next month.

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