Odds and ends…or Learning to 3d print by printing a new 3D printer #3

…arrived today. Namely linear ball bearings and linear rods. Printed one part of the motor_end.stl. The motor_end.stl is taken from the original Rostock Mini. No changes have been made on the Rostock Mini Modification (Sorry for not posting a link).

Still unchanged settings but I went back to the heated build plattform. The MDF is still as saggy as ever but yeah…wadeva. Though as I found out that propper cooling improves overall print quality on perimeters and stuff alike, too much cooling without a headed bed tends to warp corners. The more you cool the more they warp. So I had to revert to it. Lost some print area on the Y but I can live with that (2cm). As soon as my Delta-Rostock is finished this won’t be an issue. Note to myself: Get cheap local storage area for printer armada muaha MUAHAHA.

So, yes….one of the motor_ends printed yesterday. Came out nice and so I was able to assemble one pylon. Shiny…

Oh yeah and not to forget the new carbon rods. Though drilling the Traxxas by hand was not that of a good idea. Holes came out slightly off the center but there is nothing that cannot be fixed using some Epoxy.

Platform with attached carbon rods
Platform with attached carbon rods

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