How to upload Firmware to Teensylu

Teensylu boards often ship with LUFA CDC pre-installed from China. While this is nice we still need to upload a firmware to the board. Unfortunately this is not as easy as Pi and using a modded Arduino IDE is necessary. This is because the board has an AT90USB1286 chip which has an USB converted integrated and for some reason is not officially supported by Arduino. I found some instruction on the reprap wiki and a blog but they did not work for me. What I don’t like about the wiki page is that it describes the procedure of uploading with lots of additional tools which are totally not necessary. Rubbish I say. Edited it already but the changes are awaiting moderation or some kind of anti-anarchy-precaution-system-ish thing. To hell with it, I’ll post my findings here.

The procedure I describe is fast, sleek and works 100%. If not, then there must be something wrong. You have been warned.

  1. Download the already for you modified Arduino IDE here ->
  2. Unpack it and configure your firmware. Obviously.
  3. Open the *.ino file that comes with the firmware.
  4. Motherboard should be set to 8: #define MOTHERBOARD 8
  5. Remove the jumper on the board to boot into the bootloader. With the jumper still connected the board boots into communication mode for later printing. Without the jumper it boots into programming mode, which is what we want for uploading the firmware.
  6. Plugin the Teensylu and install the CDC drivers.
  7. In the Arduino IDE choose Tools > Board > [BootloaderCDC]AT90USB1286 and the serial port under Tools > Port
  8. Compile and upload the sketch
  9. Insert the HWB jumper and either hit the RESET button on the board or unplug und plugin the board again.

Now with the jumper inserted we boot into communication mode and can start printing. The serial port number changes when we are in a) programming mode or b) communication mode !

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