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ABS/PC Pellets

Where to get ABS/PLA pellets for filament extrusion

Building a filament extruder to produce your own 3D printing filament has become quite easy today. You can choose from several complete kits with features like automated filament winders, length counters, force adjustment and online thickness measurement. There are a lot of commercial products out there ranging from 300$ to 2000$. I don’t want to say the Filabot is a bit expensive if you go for the deluxe premium edition in a ugly nice green metal casing but …yeah I do. Keep that number in your cerebral gyrus. Or you can build your own like I did for around 150€.

But no matter which way you choose to go, you will always end up with the question: ‘Where do I get the pellets now?’.

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Skeleton3D Modified #BuildLog3 – Pulley support

The support pulleys that came with the Skeleton3D did bend a bit.

Made them thicker so now: No bending.

Material bending in machining parts is bad, mkay ?!

Skeleton3D Modified Z Axis #BuildLog2

* rotated the bearing holders to the back and generally completely remodelled them
* added holes to fix the bearings in place
* extruded wall to compensate for thin walls of the nut intendation close to the perimeter
* changed nut intendation from 4.6mm to 5mm to better fit M3 nuts
* completely remodelled the arms. they are now more sturdy
* increased screw holder thickness (that pushes against end stop)
* decreased M5 nut diameter that guides the Z axis thread to push fit
* added a second version of the support plates to take LM8LUU bearings. This results in another 4.5mm print height.

Future updates:

* fuse left, right support plate and transmission together to get a one-piecer.

Pictures after the break…

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Skeleton3D Modified Z Axis #BuildLog 1

I know, I should be doing other stuff. More important stuff but you know, sometimes you need a break. This is what I came up within my “break”.
Currently building a Skeleton3D printer. Found out that the z axis construction is not sturdy enough for the print bed I intend to mount. This consists of a “basalt” heatbed I ripped out of my TwoUp. Modelled in Autodesk Fusion 360.

Video at the bottom.

Various Renders

Fusion 360 auto-generated views

Animated orbit camera

Animated screws