Skeleton3D Modified Z Axis #BuildLog2

* rotated the bearing holders to the back and generally completely remodelled them
* added holes to fix the bearings in place
* extruded wall to compensate for thin walls of the nut intendation close to the perimeter
* changed nut intendation from 4.6mm to 5mm to better fit M3 nuts
* completely remodelled the arms. they are now more sturdy
* increased screw holder thickness (that pushes against end stop)
* decreased M5 nut diameter that guides the Z axis thread to push fit
* added a second version of the support plates to take LM8LUU bearings. This results in another 4.5mm print height.

Future updates:

* fuse left, right support plate and transmission together to get a one-piecer.

Pictures after the break…

Fusion renders:

Printed and partially assembled:

One thought on “Skeleton3D Modified Z Axis #BuildLog2

  1. I like your design for a stable Z axis for the Skeleton3D printer. Is it possible to get your STL for the Motor base and top support.

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