Mira inspired robot (ok, copycat) – #3 iteration [Part 3]

A first sketch of the Z axis is done. Currently I am not happy with how the servo is mounted to the carbon rod and the top linkage between the servo and the head cap. This is all subject to change. After building the head piece I decided to have another look at the video where Alonso shows the guts of Mira and I realized two things. Or better said raised two questions. Yeah, maaaybe three. The first is, oooh how do I get the displays in there. The second is, shhhhh…there is a torus kinda ring inside the head which I haven’t realized before. And the third is, why haven’t I ever learned Maya before? Clearly Alonso is very right that organic modelling in CAD is a tad difficult, or tedious but possible. Fusion 360 features Forms which greatly help in designing organic. But I just haven’t figured it out yet. Or I was too lazy. Naja, whatever. But I am getting there with sketches, extrusion cuts and offsets, too. Just takes some more time. And a bunch of rage quits.

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