Building a Mira inspired robot: Electronics arrived [Part 4.1]

The first batch of electronics arrived. I picked them by best guessing the stuff seen in the video from ‘Tested’. I decided to go with the SG90 servos as they are dirt cheap compared to the digital metal gear servos. The only problem so far is that I don’t have any clue how to code the stuff the robot is supposed to do but time will tell. I sense it.

Part Amount Price (total)
Teensy 3.2 1 22,50 €
NeoPixel (Pack of 5) 5 5,35 €
Micro OLED breakout 2 32,40 €
Speaker – 8Ohm, 0.5 Watt 1 1,50€
Amplifier (lingered in the pit for some time) 5 ~3,00€
Total 64,75€

The Rpi 2b+ I have laying around, aswell as the servos. A li-ion battery is floating somewhere as far as I can remember. Oh and I still need a Raspberry Pi Spy Camera. The advantage over the the standard go-to camera is the much smaller pcb and a smaller ribbon cable. This will add another ~30€ to the bot. Also, if I decide to go for the PowerHD servos, they would add 45€ to the pot. This is escalating quickly. Again.

10 thoughts on “Building a Mira inspired robot: Electronics arrived [Part 4.1]

  1. Would you be willing to share the design or STL files? I have an extensive background in electronics and programming and would love to build one of these.

    1. Yep sure. I’d love to. I just need to find the correct version and maybe we can work on this together. I’ll post the files here on my blog later.

        1. I have found 2 iterations. Already starting to forget where I stopped. I now wonder how I should share the files. It was made in Fusion360 so I can export to IGES and STEP or respectably the Fusion format. Or I could share the project files iva Fusion360 Gallery / public link. Do you use Fusion360 or Inventor?

    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      It is currently on hold as I recon that the original servos would be better then the cheap 9g servos I build this thing around. Thing is these metal gear digital servos cost around 20$ each and I am not willing to spend that much money (60$) on these as I don’t know how to code the brains of the robot afterwards.
      I have found cheap 5$ stepper motors which are very thin (36.3*12.4mm Ultra thin 0.9° Stepper motor DC6V 0.3A 0.04N.m). This could be an alternative but I am unsure as this would require additional stepper drivers which bloats the internal hardware too much IMHO.

      If I could find cheaper metal gear digital servos with the same size and specs as in the original design I would be happy.

      P.S. the guy how made this robot initially is not a big help. He created a site for you to sign up for his newsletter but it seems to be a dead end. Maybe he just wanted to collect some mail addresses 🙂 not for profit ofc 😀 😀

  2. HI Sebastian,
    I really appreciate what you have done!
    I would like to collaborate as well on this project!!Could you share with me the design files?
    Have you already done a prototype?

    1. Hey! I haven’t printed a prototype or done anything to the design lately. See my above comment for the reasons. I might consider to make a new post with design files I have so far. Collaboration would be nice. Some coder would be appreciated.

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