Building a Mira inspired robot: Electronics arrived [Part 4.1]

The first batch of electronics arrived. I picked them by best guessing the stuff seen in the video from ‘Tested’. I decided to go with the SG90 servos as they are dirt cheap compared to the digital metal gear servos. The only problem so far is that I don’t have any clue how to code […]

Recreating Mira from images – #2 iteration [Part 2]

After the initial proof-of-concept-I-am-not-totally-incapable I restarted the mechanics from scratch trying not to clutter my build history and sketch folder inside Fusion360. I enlarged the gap in the center of the two axes so that a 4mm carbon fibre rod can move smoothly. I decided to use such a carbon fibre rod because my Z […]

Take on: Rebuilding from photos – Mira-Bot [Part 1]

This recent hackaday post caught my attention while scimming across the blog’s topics. Alonso Martinez’s Pixar style robots. But he didn’t include the stls to print your own. Though you can sign up on his maillist which I encourage everyone to do. MAybe at some point if enough interest is accumulated he will release the […]