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ABS/PC Pellets

Where to get ABS/PLA pellets for filament extrusion

Building a filament extruder to produce your own 3D printing filament has become quite easy today. You can choose from several complete kits with features like automated filament winders, length counters, force adjustment and online thickness measurement. There are a lot of commercial products out there ranging from 300$ to 2000$. I don’t want to say the Filabot is a bit expensive if you go for the deluxe premium edition in a ugly nice green metal casing but …yeah I do. Keep that number in your cerebral gyrus. Or you can build your own like I did for around 150€.

But no matter which way you choose to go, you will always end up with the question: ‘Where do I get the pellets now?’.

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Recycling plastics with a garden shredder

I recently picked up a garden shredder on ebay for 15€ in the hopes I can misuse it for shredding plastics. This should then be fed to my Filament Factory to create 3D printer filament.

The Einhell EGC 2400 has a 2400 Watt motor. Plenty of power to shred branches and plastics. I went with Polypropylen flower pots. At my local florist I asked for those old pots and got a whole load of the precious resource.

I made some pictures and a video of the outcome. The shredder had no problems processing the pots but the pieces are still too big even after shredding them twice. See for yourself.