Spherebot and how I got it working!

I got it working with Eggduino. Really cool firmware. Works like a charm. Just two little modifications in eggbot.py and in eggbot_scanwin32.py and you can control the spherebot/eggbot/eggduino directly from within Inkscape. I described the changes to be made here. Also read the readme from the developer for the other change in eggbot.py. These modifactions […]

Rostock Diagonal Rod Lenght and How to remove Epoxy glue

One of the most critical parts on a Rostock style printer are the diagonal rods. All rods must have the same exact length. I asked the experts over at the reprap forums and got some fast and informative answers. You can read the whole discussion here. The short answer is given by Wildcard: It is […]