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Scotch Blue = Tesa Precision Outdoor

“Get some Scotch Blue” they say. “Scotch Blue is the best for getting PLA to stick to the printer bed” they say…

Sadly I don’t live in the greatest country in the world so there is no Scotch Blue in my local hardware store. But there is Tesa. And Tesa wouldn’t be Tesa if they wouldn’t offer adhesive tape.

So ‘blue’ I thought over and over again as I wandered the endless shelfs of the men’s boutique also known as ‘local hardware store’ which is just like what a shoe store is for women. And I found what I wanted to find. Blue painters tape. Made by Tesa. Named ‘Precision Outdoor‘. Precision = perfect. Outdoor = even more perfect. So I can finally print in the woods. Enough of the pun. No Pun intended.

The tape is 6.50€ for 25m. That’s ‘OK’.
So I applied that stuff to the printer bed, finished my first print and hell….this stuff is good. The PLA stuck to the tape like the devil to the poor soul. It nearly felt like the whole thing was CA-glued to the bed. Maybe a bit too much but I don’t have to heat up my printer bed which also reduces overall printing time.

Sticks to PLA like the devil to the soul.

Sticks to PLA like the devil to the soul.


My very first 3D printed pink cube…

Finally I got my Kickstarter backed QB-UP TwoUp and after much fiddeling, cursing, crying, face-palming, dremeling, grinding, drilling, glueing and zip-tieing it finally runs.

With the pink ABS sample filament I printed the 20mm-box.stl calibration cube. Nothing what you could call extraordinar or awesome but a mandatory step.


Bed – heated up….

Extruder heated up…

Print started…

Dancing and shouting…

Print finished.


Y-axis = 20.00 mm / 20.00mm -> 😀
X-axis = 17.80mm / 20.00mm -> 🙁
Z-axis = 10.9mm-11.3mm / 10.00 mm 🙁

So the Y-axis is calibrated pretty nice with the default values that where pre-load onto the board. Nice.

But there is some work to be done on the X-axis (printing new X-Gantry either way) and the Z-axis. The Z-axis issues are due to layerheight and stuff alike. I THINK! Or I could imagine.

So let’s get to work.