How to fix a jamming and oozing Merlin Hotend

UPDATE: Post title update + Well I managed to transfer the Merlin hotend in it’s final state. The dead state. The tiny thread where the nozzles go is damaged. I am not able to tighten them. This is an definite kaputt-state. Nevertheless this guide below should be helpful. For my current WIP printers I was […]

[UPDATE] Filament clogging – Unorthodox TwoUp Extruder motor cooling [SOLVED]

I constantly get a jammed extruder. On longer prints more likely than on shorter prints. Short means the 20mmBox.stl from the Essential Calibration Set on Thingiverse. When it comes to printing the Y-drive replacement made by MacAttak for the TwoUp it jams. I took the fan that normaly cools the filament and the extruder nozzle […]