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How to upload Firmware to Teensylu

Teensylu boards often ship with LUFA CDC pre-installed from China. While this is nice we still need to upload a firmware to the board. Unfortunately this is not as easy as Pi and using a modded Arduino IDE is necessary. This is because the board has an AT90USB1286 chip which has an USB converted integrated and for some reason is not officially supported by Arduino. I found some instruction on the reprap wiki and a blog but they did not work for me. What I don’t like about the wiki page is that it describes the procedure of uploading with lots of additional tools which are totally not necessary. Rubbish I say. Edited it already but the changes are awaiting moderation or some kind of anti-anarchy-precaution-system-ish thing. To hell with it, I’ll post my findings here.

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Trying to get TinyCNC running

Some weeks ago I stumbled over the TinyCNC (thingiverse) and immediately started printing. You know, stuff downloaded from the internet, unreviewed, not looked into further …it allways turns back on you. ALL the time. EVERY time.
This “rule” applied to this thing too. Makerblock did his best to document the whole build process(es) and disscused what was still on the TODO list and about improvements. Somewhere well hidden on his blog lies a post with software to control the TinyCNC with an Arduino-style microcontroller. Albeit he linked some sketches for a) controlling the “CNC” with the WASD keys b) automatically drawing a sample shape and c) a simple gcode interpreter. Anyways I did not manage to get either of it do what it should. All sketches seemed to do pretty much the same namely acting strange. More precisely: spin the gears in some pre-coded pattern. I correctly uploaded the sketches cause for every sketch I got the correct serial console feedback. I guess I missed something critically. As well as at least some information or howto, may it be ever so tiny, on how to set up the servo limits. And most important in which position one should turn the servos before plugin in the power supply.

Nevertheless. It looks decent. Came out quite nice. But acts strange. The TinyCNC hasn’t been updated since January 2014. I hope Makerblock did not bury the TinyCNC !

TinyCNC 0.29

TinyCNC 0.29 test run