Spherebot and how I got it working!

I got it working with Eggduino. Really cool firmware. Works like a charm. Just two little modifications in eggbot.py and in eggbot_scanwin32.py and you can control the spherebot/eggbot/eggduino directly from within Inkscape. I described the changes to be made here. Also read the readme from the developer for the other change in eggbot.py. These modifactions […]

ABS/PC Pellets

Where to get ABS/PLA pellets for filament extrusion

Building a filament extruder to produce your own 3D printing filament has become quite easy today. You can choose from several complete kits with features like automated filament winders, length counters, force adjustment and online thickness measurement. There are a lot of commercial products out there ranging from 300$ to 2000$. I don’t want to […]