15. Links

Arduino Hex file uploader – used to upload the grbl hex file to Arduino (link)

GRBL – gcode interpreter for Arduino (Atmega328 compatible) – In this tutorial version 0.8c is used (link) / Wiki

Inkscape – open source vector drawing tool (link)

Gcodetools – Inkscape plugin to generate Gcode from vector drawings

modified Groover version (easy and fast) (download)
original Gcodetools (complex) (link)

Gcodesender – tool to send Gcode from PC to Arduino – by Groover (download) / (source)

Lasershield PCB layout – made by Groover (download)

EagleCAD – PCB layout tool – free version available (link)

Autodesk 123D Make – 3d model to sliced objects (link)

Gear ratio tutorial (link)

Stepper motor calibration video tutorial by BuildYourOwnCNC.com (link)

Laser safety 

README please !!!!

Laserpointerforums.com – Thread about eye damages done by lasers

Safety glasses – Shops:
Survival Laser – Shop  (US)
Insaneware.de (Germany)


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