5. Prototyping Breadboard


Before making a PCB you actually want to try out if the stuff is working as you want it to.
So I put together all the electronics on a breadboard first.
Only the motor part in this step.

In the top picture you can see that the Easydriver pins MS1 and MS2 are both connected to 5V. This means they are “pulled high”.
The Easydriver is capable of doing mircostepping.
Microstepping means that the steps of the motor can be devided by either 2 for half stepping, 4 for quarter and so on.

A 96 step stepper motor can do with a eighth microstepping 96 x 8 steps = 768 steps.

MS1 & MS2 – low Full stepping
MS1 high Half stepping
MS2 high Quarter stepping
MS 1 & MS 2 high Eighth stepping

We want eighth stepping so both pins are connected to 5V.

The pinout from the Arduino is as following:

The steps/dir pins of the Easydriver are connected in the following manner:

Easydriver Arduino
X-Step  Digital 2
X-Dir  Digital 5
Y-Step  Digital 3
Y-Dir  Digital 6

For each Easydriver the pins MS1 and MS2 are conntected and are both on 5V. This tells the Easydriver to work in 1/8 stepping mode. The Easydrivers have a seperate power supply. Any 12V 600mA+ wall wart should work. Later on the shield the EDs are powered by the Arduino. As is the laser and the fan.

I took a short film from the running prototype. The Easydrivers can get quite hot. For continuously running them, a fan is required.
Ehem… The fan mount is a protoype as well…

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